Charging portable devices when on the move is a necessity nowadays.

Charging portable devices when on the move is a necessity nowadays. Unfortunately quite often our devices can’t hold a charge for long enough especially as we started using our smartphones for navigating, playing music and long calls when stuck in traffic. Thankfully, there’s a great range of car chargers available for your phone.

1.Olixar Super Fast Lightning Car Charger with USB Port

We started using the Olixar Super Fast Lightning car charger with integrated lightning protection cable and USB port. The total output between the integrated Lightning cable and the built-in USB universal charging port is 4.8A – you can ensure that your smartphone and tablet can be charged quickly and efficiently wherever you are. Designed to be as comfortable as possible and as functional as possible, it is our top charger option because it offers great value at a very low cost. Olixar also offers a version with an integrated Micro-USB cable that is ideal for charging all gadgets, such as mobile power or portable speakers, when you are on a new adventure.

Car Mobile Phone Charger
2.Official Samsung Adaptive Fast Car Charger

Another good option for those looking for the best value is the true Samsung Adaptive Fast Dual USB Car Charger with a 1.5-meter USB-C charging cable. Incredibly stylish and fast, all Samsung users must have. Using the built-in technology of the latest Samsung phones, you can quickly charge two devices, especially those that support Samsung’s adaptive fast charging and Qualcomm fast charging. The charger itself is very compact, making it very portable, and you may not even bother to unplug it, as it will be happy to fit into any modern style of instrument cluster.

Car Mobile Phone Charger
3.Promate Ultra-Fast Charging Car Kit For USB-C Devices

The Promate Ultra-Fact Charging Car Kit for USB-C devices is the ideal accessory kit for your car. It includes a fast charging 3.1 A car charger with dual USB ports, an ultra-durable Type-C cable, and a slim, stylish car holder. Simply attach the smartphone to the dashboard or windshield using a fully adjustable multi-angle neck and suction cup holder. Used in conjunction with the Promate Quick Charge Car Charger in the kit, you can use the device while charging. The charger can quickly start the battery and easily fit into the car’s cigarette lighter. The Promate Car Holder provides full access to all charging ports, buttons and device screens, and is compatible with a wide range of phones and chassis as it can stretch to 11.5 cm.

Car Mobile Phone Charger
4. Griffin PowerJolt Dual 24W MFi Lightning Car Charger

Finally, for Apple device enthusiasts, the PowerJolt Dual Lightning Car Charger is a great option to provide fast charging for both your iPhone and another USB-compatible device. It provides 12 watts of charging power through the included MFI Lightning Cable and 12 watts of USB charging for other devices. IC protection will keep your equipment safe because your equipment will not overheat or damage due to excessive power supply. In addition, the shape of the Griffin PoweJolt car charger makes it very easy to plug and unplug the adapter, while the portable, lightweight construction makes it easy to store anywhere – glove boxes, backpacks and even pockets.

Car Mobile Phone Charger

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