A convenient car charger functioned as both a car bracket and a high-speed wireless charger

At the Xiaomi Mi 9 launch event, Xiaomi released 3 wireless charging devices, the Xiaomi 20W wireless car charger is one of them. How about this xiaomi’s new wireless car charger? Let’s find out.

The Xiaomi 20W wireless car charger can be regarded as specially designed for Xiaomi Mi 9, as the max power of wireless charging that Xiaomi Mi 9 supports is also 20W.

After opening the package, there is a Xiaomi wireless car charger, a car charger, a sticker base and a charging table with Tpye-c interface.

Car Mobile Phone Charger

In terms of installation. It offers you 2 easy ways for you to install the Xiaomi wireless car charger. You can directly put it on the air outlet, or you can also paste it anywhere you want on your car.

Car Mobile Phone Charger

On the back of the wireless charging pad, there are some heat emission holes. The Xiaomi wireless fast charging has an independent cooling fan inside, as well as the design of metal heat conducting sheet, which ensures the charging efficiency and security. In addition, the Xiaomi wireless car charger also offers multiple protections, such as temperature protection, short circuit protection, power protection, over-voltage protection, foreign body detection and so on.

There is a touch button on the left side of the car charger. With a simple touch, the bracket can automatically open, which is very convenient for one hand operation. 

Car Mobile Phone Charger

Besides, there is also a Type-C power interface at the bottom of the wireless charging pad, which is specially designed for mobile phones that do not support wireless charging.

Car Mobile Phone Charger

The front of the Xiaomi wireless car charger is made of 2.5D arc glass, which can be not only functioned as a charging pad, but an LED light as there is a circle of blue light lighting up when it is connected to the power.

Car Mobile Phone Charger

The Xiaomi 20W wireless car charger also comes with an infrared sensor design. When the phone is close to the bracket, it will automatically open, and after a few seconds, it will automatically close. Besides, the Xiaomi wireless car charger also supports multi-angle free stepless adjustment. And it is compatible with multiple smartphone models. The bracket arm is 81.5mm when it opens.

In addition, the Xiaomi 20W wireless car charger also supports charging the phone with phone case. According to the official introduction, the thickness of phone case should be less than 4mm and there should be no metal on the phone case.   

Car Mobile Phone Charger

Generally speaking, the Xiaomi 20W wireless car charger offers good value for money. I especially like the automatic induction bracket, as it is really very convenient for the driver to operate it with one hand. The downside is that the glass body charging pad gets dirty easily, but it doesn’t matter as you can easily clean it regularly.

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